Watch 21 seconds of pure action

There are those moments in shooters that nobody believes when you tell them. A Reddit user recorded his incredible luck in a nearly-lost match in CS:GO (Steam) and posted it as a clip.

The last lap went badly for Few_Willingness_3700 and his team. They were up 15 rounds to 14, but after the initial exchanges of fire he was the only cop left and had to figure out how to deal with four terrorists.

He hid behind a crate on the B side of the Inferno map and waited for his opponents. In the short clip you can see that the opponents run past him because they suspect him in a different direction.

The player opens fire directly and takes the three terrorist players by surprise. First he catches the bomb carrier and then has to hold his ground against an AWP gunner. He doesn’t hesitate and shoots with his large-caliber sniper rifle, which is fatal in most cases.

The shot, which would probably have ended the round, bounces off the falling bomb from the previously killed bomb carrier and saves the policeman’s virtual life.

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With the MP5-SD, which shoots much faster, he manages to eliminate the AWP shooter, who first has to get the bolt-action rifle ready for use again. Even the third enemy in the heated battle doesn’t stand a chance.

Finally, our hero also held his own against the fourth opponent and brought the victory for the anti-terrorist unit with 16 rounds won to 14.

In CS:GO skill is also about being lucky

Situations like this are not uncommon in Counter Strike Global Offensive. With its very precise gunplay, the eleven-year-old shooter is one of the most popular titles in the genre. Sometimes, in addition to playful skills, there is also a good portion of luck involved.

Clips like this are celebrated in the CS-GO community, even if it was particularly bitter for the losers in this case that the bomb of all things thwarted their victory.

Actually, the time-detonated explosive is a way for the terrorists to achieve victory. Provided they succeed in placing the explosives on the bomb site as well. Here, however, the physics of the bomb had other plans.

Do you recognize such situations? Then tell us in the comments if you’ve ever been a real lucky guy in Counter Strike!