Was Zemmour shipwrecked in Marseille?

Was Zemmour shipwrecked in Marseille

Éric Zemmour is in Marseille. The quasi-candidate for the French presidential election came to the Phocaean city to meet the inhabitants. Problem: he was obviously not welcome in the streets of the second largest city in France.

With our special correspondent in Marseille, Julien chavanne

His campaign team promised a stroll and a meeting with the inhabitants. But Eric Zemmour will not have spoken to anyone. ” It makes you neither hot nor cold it looks like Someone in the audience points out. ” Oh yes, neither hot nor cold. Finally, it’s colder than hot », Answers the probable future candidate.

Eric Zemmour’s first field visit comes to an end. Fifteen minutes at no charge, under the insults and boos. With his face closed, Éric Zemmour minimizes: “ Look, she was just parasitized as usual by people who are activists who are well organized and then there you go. We usually.

Not a single “selfie”, while her rival Marine Le Pen chain them on each trip. Not an exchange with a Marseillais, while the polemicist wanted to show himself in contact with the French. At the foot of the Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde basilica, Éric Zemmour almost regrets having come to Marseille.

This is where Marseille is so symbolic. It is the future of France if we do nothing, if we re-elect Macron, if we continue to have 400,000 immigrants per year, that’s it … We will continue like this.

Falling in the polls, Eric Zemmour was counting on this trip to regain some air. The operation was failed, just days before the official announcement of his candidacy.

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