Was addicted to shirts for 400 euros that didn’t even fit him

The successful German Twitch streamer Killian “TANZVERBOT” Heinrich (26) addressed his fans in a video. Despite his successful career on Twitch and YouTube, he has wasted all his money in the last year and a half trying to keep up with rich acquaintances. Because of tax debts, he is now broke and ashamed.

Why is DANCE BAN in debt now?

  • The 26-year-old streamer says in a video from November 13th. (via YouTube) that he started socializing in “wealthy circles” about 18 months ago and became addicted to shopping. He suddenly started buying branded clothing up to 5 times a week, such as “Balenciaga” T-shirts for €400. With this he tried to compensate for his inferiority complex.
  • He specifically bought the shirts a size smaller because he planned to lose weight, but has since gained 6 kilograms on them. He stayed in hotels that cost €1,000 a night and was never able to say “no” to invitations from his friends because it was too embarrassing for him.
  • He also lost money in stocks and cryptocurrencies, streamed a lot less and worked as an influencer, hardly accepted any deals anyway, and this mismatch between income and expenses caused him to go financially bankrupt when tax payments came due:
  • In total, probably 2.5 million followers across all platforms and I’m standing here now telling you that I owe taxes. How can you do such stupid housekeeping? While others buy a house, dude. 400 square meters on easy. […] But what have I done? I was addicted to shit shopping. It’s nice that I now have 250 T-shirts at home, half of which don’t fit me because I always bought a size smaller because I thought to myself: woah, nice. I’ll lose weight anyway so I can wear it really well. Yes, it hasn’t worked so far. To date I have gained 6 kilos.

    The successful Twitch streamer and web video producer Tanzban has been struggling with a difficult past for a long time. He was considered a German success story on Twitch who “fought his way up from the bottom”. TANZVERBOT is particularly valued by its fans for its authentic behavior and down-to-earth opinions:

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    Zoom call with tax advisor makes it clear to streamer that he is in debt

    This particularly annoys him: TANZVERBOT struggles with the fact that he actually should have known better. In his Twitch streams he recently discussed the Fortnite streamer Simex, who fell into debt after a successful YouTube career because Simex forgot to set aside money for the taxes due:

    That’s exactly what happened to TANZVERBOT, whose eyes were opened during a Zoom call with his tax advisor. Although he had a lot of expenses in the last tax year and was expressly praised by the tax advisor because he could write off so much, he was still completely shocked by the amount of tax repayment he still had to pay.

    When he found out that he would have to pay in advance again for the next tax year, he realized his disastrous financial situation.

    I paid a lot in advance and I thought to myself: Yes, well, that’s now – what do I know – a few thousand euros that I still have to pay back, […] Then we go down, “amount to pay” [lehnt sich zurück in den Sitz und täuscht einen Zusammenbruch mit Todesröcheln vor]. I was sitting in front of the PC like that.”

    The corresponding segment in which Tanzban simulates the collapse begins at 5:47 minutes:

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    What’s next?? The 26-year-old streamer says that he is in debt, but now sees his future more strongly on the Internet again, that’s where he comes from, that’s what made him big and freed him from isolation.

    “Now that I don’t have any money anymore, now I realize it: now I’m embarrassed again.”

    DANCE BAN says he’s screwed, but he thinks he can fight his way out of debt in time.

    What the heck are these t-shirts that are so expensive? The Parisian fashion brand “Balenciaga”, which explicitly mentions DANCE BAN, offers “fashion in the upper price segment” and is one of the “leading fashion companies in Paris.”

    As a look at the brand’s sales page reveals, shirts for €400 were still a bargain:

    What is bitter is that just a few days ago the German streamer Trymacs warned young colleagues not to fall into the tax trap that TANZVERBOT has now caught. In a video, Trymacs aimed primarily at young streamers in their 20s like LetsHugo and said that it should be clear to everyone by now how much money they have to set aside for taxes.

    But even Trymacs probably didn’t suspect that this could happen to an established and “adult” streamer like TANZVERBOT.

    29-year-old threatens Twitch colleagues like LetsHugo with a beating if they make unreasonable mistakes