Wants to be nice now, give out gifts

The “Total War: Warhammer” series always offered outstandingly good and most popular strategy games. But so far there has only been trouble with part 3. The Steam reviews have slipped to 60% positive. The main game costs €60, the €25 DLC “Shaows of Change” was sharply criticized in 2023. Now they want to strike a different tone again at Total War and are bringing gifts in February 2024.

Why is the mood at Total War so bad?

  • Total War is one of those games that always comes out new and doesn’t change much. At the beginning of a new part, the graphics are better and there is a new campaign, but many of the features of the predecessor are missing, which are then gradually added via paid DLC. After countless DLCs, the second part was considered a gem and a masterpiece.
  • When part 3 was released in February 2022, there was a lot of praise (via gamestar). But many players quickly became dissatisfied with the campaign because it wasn’t playable enough and contained lame compulsory passages that became boring the second time you played it. But people thought things would get better with the DLCs – after all, Part 2 was so good.
  • But the DLCs were disappointing in 2023: they were too expensive and offered too little. The players became increasingly unfriendly and were on the verge of open hostility. Steam reviews fell to 60%. A disaster for such a great series of games.
  • Total War: Warhammer 3 – The trailer for the DLC Shadows of Change

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    Developers pimp up weak €25 DLC afterwards

    This is what we want to do better now: The developers have now realized that the €25 DLC simply didn’t offer enough for what they wanted in terms of money. That’s why the DLC is now being upgraded later. Patch 4.2 will now offer DLC owners some new content:

  • Two new legendary heroes
  • Two generic new heroes
  • Two lords
  • 6 new unit
  • A new branch of magic
  • As a free gimmick, the Ice Queen Katarin is given a new mount
  • The highlight is a legendary hero called “Saytang the Watcher”, a huge terracotta construct with a siege arch and wings.

    This is what the developers say: The game director says (via totalwar):

    “I’ll get straight to the point, we didn’t give you enough characters and units to play with when Shadows of Change released. We think we can put this right.”

    In the future, they want to provide players with better and more varied options for their armies. The community feels as passionate about the game as the developers.

    You then address a few points of criticism from the players that sound a bit absurd and are only understandable if you know Warhammer, such as whether a certain Beastman Tzaangor has a beak or not. This was apparently a point for some Warhammer fans where they would have preferred the developers to sacrifice Tzeentch.

    Creative Assembyl is now showing itself to be accommodating here.

    This is what lies behind it: The somewhat difficult lesson from this action is: “If players complain loud enough and show that they mean business, they will get their way and developers will have to give in.”

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