Want to find love at the gold match

On Sunday, a match between Malmö FF and Elfsborg is expected. In addition to gold, a Malmö supporter longs for lifelong love – and is now offering a free ticket to the woman who wishes to be his date.
– You don’t want someone who is just looking to be invited to a match. You want this real love, says Fredrik Svensson.

Before the golden match between Malmö FF and Elfsborg on Sunday, there is now a chance to find love. Malmö supporter Fredrik Svensson, 35, is ready to do just that, something like South Sweden Be the first to write about.

When the family couldn’t come along to the match, he stood by with an extra ticket. In the Facebook group “All we who love MFF” he then published a contact ad which received a great response. In the ad, he is looking for a woman who wants to be his date and offers, among other things, a free ticket to the match.

– As I love Malmö FF so much, it would have been wonderful to meet a woman who loves Malmö FF as much as I do, he says.

Planned from morning to night

He has planned the whole day in detail, from morning to night – in addition to cheering on the favorite team, breakfast and then fellowship with other supporters are expected before kick-off at 3 p.m. After the game, the date can expect dinner.

– Then you always have a few tricks up your sleeve, so you’re prepared for things, he says.

However, Fredrik Svensson and his date will not sit next to each other at the match. He has standing room and she will have a seat – but he hopes that they will have time to get to know each other before and after the match.

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The golden baby plans will have to wait

In addition to other criteria in the ad, the devoted supporter also mentions that he is looking for someone to start a family with. But he says the baby plans will have to wait.

– It is a serious relationship I am looking for and a long-term one, preferably for life. So you can take the golden baby plans later, he says.

He also does not want someone who is only looking for a free ticket – but the interest must be genuine.

– You don’t want someone who is just looking to be invited to a match. You want this real love.