Wall Street on a cautious rise. Debt hopes

Wall Street on a cautious rise Debt hopes

(Finance) – The US stock market shows a timid gain at the start thanks also to the signs of rapprochement between the US parties for an agreement on the debt ceiling. The US President Joe Biden and it House Speaker Kevin McCarthy they are moving closer to a deal that would raise the public debt ceiling by $31.4 trillion for two years, while limiting government spending.

Investor sentiment also remains conditioned by the uncertainty about the next steps of the central banks committed to reducing the inflationary spiral and stabilizing the economic cycle. The Bureau of Economic Analysis of the United States, found that inflation measured by the PCE index, used by the Fed as one of the main indicators of pressure on prices, rose beyond expectations and demonstrated how much the American central bank is struggling to fight against the gallop of inflation.

Among US indices, the Dow Jones is achieving +0.28%; along the same lines, theS&P-500 it advances fractionally, reaching 4,164 points. In fractional progress the NASDAQ 100 (+0.57%); as well, just above parity theS&P 100 (+0.38%).

Appreciable rise in the S&P 500 for the sub-funds secondary consumer goods (+0.79%), power (+0.65%) and informatics (+0.59%). At the bottom of the ranking, significant declines are manifested in the sector utilitieswhich reports a decrease of -1.02%.

Among the best Blue Chips of the Dow Jones, Microsoft (+3.85%), cisco systems (+1.28%), Goldman Sachs (+1.27%) and IBM (+0.86%).

The worst performances, however, are recorded on intelwhich gets -5.52%.

Little moved Verizon Communicationwhich shows a -2.93%.

In red Walgreens Boots Alliancewhich shows a marked decrease of 2.66%.

Basically unchanged Dowwhich reports a moderate -1.85%.

To the top between Wall Street tech giantsthey position themselves Nvidia (+24.37%), Advanced Micro Devices (+11.16%), Cadence Design Systems (+10.22%) and Synopsis (+9.82%).

The strongest sales, on the other hand, show up Dollar Treewhich continues trading at -12.03%.

Sensitive losses for Illuminatedown 8.99%.

Breathless intelwhich falls by 5.52%.

Thump of Warner Bros Discoverywhich shows a drop of 4.89%.