Wall Street cautious. Job Report above estimates

Wall Street cautious Job Report above estimates

(Finance) – A modest start in the last session of the week for the Wall Street stock exchange, after the publication of the employment report, which showed a stronger than expected job market. In March, 303,000 jobs were created, compared to the previous month, while analysts expected an increase of 200,000 jobs. There unemployment it fell from 3.9% to 3.8%, in line with consensus estimates.
The data raises further doubts as to whether we are actually moving towards a softer monetary policy, after the new cautious tone from Fed officials regarding rate cuts; in particular, Neel Kashkhari (Atlanta Fed) went so far as to state that the bank could leave monetary policy unchanged for the whole year if inflation were to prove more persistent than expected.

The Fed’s rate cut could therefore move away. The trend of swaps after the unemployment data indicates, in fact, a reduction in the cost of money in September and no longer in July.

Among US indices, the Dow Jones stands at 38,646 points, while, on the contrary, a small leap forward for theS&P-500, which reaches 5,164 points. Moderately rising Nasdaq 100 (+0.42%); as well as slightly positiveS&P 100 (+0.37%).