Wake: Queen Elizabeth to be buried today | Mediation of the nursing dispute continues

Wake Queen Elizabeth to be buried today Mediation of

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This is how the day of the Queen’s funeral proceeds

Today, Britain is almost at a standstill. Queen of Elizabeth II the funeral has been prepared with massive arrangements. The Queen’s funeral is Britain’s biggest international event for decades. More than 500 distinguished guests will arrive. will follow the funeral in a special broadcast from 12:30 p.m.

Mediation of the nursing labor dispute continues and the parliament decides on the patient safety law

On Monday, the National Mediator will continue the collective bargaining negotiations between Municipal Employers and the nursing organizations Tehy and Super. The Parliament will vote on the Patient Safety Act, the purpose of which is to guarantee treatment even during labor strikes. The nurses have called the law a compulsory law, because it can be used to oblige people to work, even in the event of mass layoffs.

Riding therapists are afraid of the industry going wild

More regulation is needed for the animal-assisted sector. The industry has grown rapidly in the last couple of decades, and the range of operators is huge. In Finland, the authorities do not currently regulate the entire industry. Almost anything can be called therapy. The animal assistance working group of the parliament is also concerned about the lack of standards.

The war stopped the investment boom – no new stock investors come to the stock market anymore

A record number of new investors have flowed into the stock exchange in recent years. During rising exchange rates, more than ten thousand new Finns have become investors in some months. The rising boom was completely interrupted when Russia invaded Ukraine.

Rain in western and eastern Lapland

The week starts with unstable weather. Scattered rains will occur in the western part of the country and in Eastern Lapland. Elsewhere there is mostly pouta. Read more about the weather on ‘s weather pages.