Volvo shifts production of EX30 and EX90 from China to Belgium

Volvo shifts production of EX30 and EX90 from China to

One of the world’s most important premium automobile manufacturers volvotransferred the production of EX30 and EX90 to Belgium. slid.

The EU is expected to impose customs duties of up to 30 percent on electric vehicles produced in China. Wanting to avoid this, Volvo shifted production of the EX30 and EX90 from China to Belgium ahead of the tax. Last month, extra taxes were imposed on Chinese-made electric vehicles in the USA. Last week, the extra tax applied to Chinese-made electric vehicles in Turkey was expanded to all vehicles. Before this, news of a passport for the Volvo EX90 had come to the fore. In the world’s first electric battery passport, which will be offered with the fully electric SUV model Volvo EX90, It will include important information such as the chemical composition of the battery, where the materials used in production come from and its carbon footprint. The passport will also contain information about the 15-year health status of the battery. This passport, which is estimated to cost Volvo approximately $10 per vehicle, will be adopted by other manufacturers in the coming period. It took more than five years to develop this passport, which will be mandatory for all electric vehicles sold in the EU from February 2027. For this purpose, Volvo has established a partnership with UK-based Circulor.


Last month, Volvo crashed its largest SUV and smallest SUV into each other for testing. Here specifically EX30 with EX90 had encountered. As you can see in the video here The EX30, the smallest SUV of the brand, is hit from the side by the EX90, the largest SUV. In a controlled internal test crash at low speed, the EX30 manages to keep its passengers alive. According to the statement, the body of the EX90 has a structure that will reduce the risk of injury to people inside the EX30. Since they are both new, they are electric. EX30 and EX90 have not yet been tested by Euro NCAP or NHTSA. However, it is certain that both vehicles will receive the maximum safety score, and Volvo has not been surprising in this regard for years.