Volvo announces electric flagship to replace XC90

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The new admiral, signed by Volvo, which will be introduced at the end of this year, can raise the bar to a whole new level, especially in safety.

After the XC40 Recharge, Volvo made its first different move on the electric side with the C40, and the transformation work continues. The brand, which is preparing to sell only electric cars from 2030, aims to sell 600,000 electric vehicles by 2025, among the points that show the extent of the preparation. Of course, in this process, serious changes await us on a model basis. At the forefront of these changes will be the flagship XC90. CEO Jim Rowan, who gave messages about the preparations of the brand as part of the special event held recently, also spoke about the new flagship. We will see the new model, which will be introduced in November, in mass production with the EX90 badge. Sales of the vehicle will start gradually in 2023.

Volvo EX90 will set a new level with safety and infrastructure innovations

For now, no design and technical details have been given about the EX90, which will be the admiral of the new era in Volvo. The expectation of the vehicle on this side is that it can carry phrases from the Recharge Concept introduced in June 2021. At this stage, the pieces highlighted by the brand are shaped on security systems. We will see the equipment used in security systems for the first time in the Volvo EX90, which will be built on the newly developed SPA2 architecture. This, with the brand’s own summary, claims to make the car the safest Volvo of all time. When we look at the list, we see that eight cameras, five radars, sixteen ultrasonic sensors and lidar sensors will come as standard on the EX90.


One of the first clues among these systems is driver comprehension. With the feature touted as a real-time interior detection system, the car can be used to prevent an accident if it senses that the driver is in an unsuitable condition for driving.
can act. Utilizing two cameras to receive early signals that the driver is not well
the system monitors the driver’s gaze. The steering wheel of the car also plays a role here. It is detected whether the driver has let go of the steering wheel, and the balance of the steering movements is followed.