Volkswagen ID. “Commercial Vehicle of the Year” success from Buzz Cargo

Volkswagen ID Commercial Vehicle of the Year success from Buzz

Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargowas awarded the 2023 International Commercial Vehicle of the Year award by the International Commercial Vehicle of the Year (IVOTY) jury.

IAA Transportation in 2022 is literally a model Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle, which showed the leap forward, also won a grand prize at the fair. In the 31st International Van of the Year (IVOTY) – International Commercial Vehicle of the Year Awards, ID. Buzz Cargo was awarded the grand prize. The IVOTY Jury consists of 34 international journalists from various European countries who are experts in light commercial vehicles. Jury members evaluate the nominated vehicles according to main criteria such as safety, technology, efficiency and sustainability. Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo also won an award according to these criteria


Award-winning ID. ID for Buzz family’s full freight and goods transportation Buzz Cargo model met with consumers for the first time at IAA Transportation 2022. ID. While Buzz Cargo offers a large area for business in the interior, it draws attention with its range of up to 425 km and fast charging in 30 minutes. ID. Buzz Cargo will show itself on the roads of Europe from autumn and Turkey from the first quarter of 2024.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo and international prices

ID Buzz, which is offered for sale at 64,581 euros in Germany over the Pro version, can go down to 56,606 euros with local incentives. On the Cargo front, which is the commercial version, prices start from 45,740 euros. Volkswagen brings its ID Buzz product range together with its enthusiasts through the rental method. It is possible to use these vehicles for 36 months and 10,000 kilometers per year, with a monthly payment of 661 euros for Cargo and 693 euros for the passenger Pro version.