Volkswagen ID Buzz on stage with special versions

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Volkswagen ID Buzz, which has started to be ordered in Europe, is at the Hannover Commercial Vehicle Fair with its Pro and Cargo versions.

Volkswagen’s commercial vehicle department exhibited two important models at the fair that opened its doors in Hannover. While the renewed Amarok will meet with the public for the first time, ID Buzz will take the stage with its special versions embracing different business dynamics. Apart from the Volkswagen ID Buzz Pro, which is eagerly awaited all over the world, the full commercial version of the family has also appeared. The ID Buzz Cargo model, the family’s version for freight and goods transportation, was also introduced to the consumer for the first time at the fair. ID available for pre-order in Europe. Buzz models will begin shipping to customers in the fall.

Highlights for Volkswagen ID Buzz

ID Buzz, which is offered for sale at 64,581 euros in Germany over the Pro version, can go down to 56,606 euros with local incentives. On the Cargo front, which is the commercial version, prices start from 45,740 euros. Volkswagen brings its ID Buzz product range together with its enthusiasts through the rental method. It is possible to use these vehicles for 36 months and 10,000 kilometers per year, with a monthly payment of 661 euros for Cargo and 693 euros for the passenger Pro version.


ID, which is built on the MEB platform, which we know from other Volkswagen models. Buzz carries important infrastructure dynamics on the comfort side. In the vehicle, which can be preferred with its independent suspension architecture at the front and rear, active chassis control will also be among the supports offered. ID. Buzz is also the largest vehicle built on this platform. The standard version, which was brought into mass production with a length of 4,712 millimeters, a width of 1,980 millimeters and a height of 1,938 millimeters, will be the pinnacle of this infrastructure with its axle distance of 2,988 millimeters. In parallel with this, ID, which offers a trunk volume of 1,121 liters with the seats active. In the Buzz, an area of ​​up to 2,205 liters can be captured by tilting the seats.


When we look at the battery side, we come across the top package with 77 kWh. With this battery, 201 horsepower and 310 Nm torque values ​​are waiting for users through the single engine combination integrated into the rear axle. ID. On the range side, it is possible to say that Buzz offers experience in the range of 400-425 kilometers. The battery, which supports fast charging up to 170 kW, can be brought from 5 percent to 80 percent in 30 minutes through such a source.