Volkswagen collaborated with Mahindra for electric vehicles

Volkswagen collaborated with Mahindra for electric vehicles

Giant automobile manufacturer based in Germany Volkswagen, India based for electrics mahindra partnership made.

Remarkable collaborations in the electric car market continue to come to the fore. One of the companies that choose to use the ready-made infrastructures of their competitors in order to be assertive in the competition is It was India-based giant Mahindra. As far as officially announced, Mahindra’s upcoming electric SUV models Volkswagen tParts/batteries supplied by will power. The fruits of this partnership will hit the roads by 2025, and many parts from Volkswagen’s MEB architecture will be integrated into Mahindra’s new It will be integrated into the INGLO architecture. It is said to be currently developing five different Indian market-specific SUVs based on INGLO. Mahindra, According to the official announcement, it will also hold talks with Volkswagen for further cooperation in the field of e-mobility in India.


Giant automobile manufacturer based in Germany Volkswagen, Before this, it made a splash by opening an artificial intelligence laboratory after announcing that it would bring ChatGPT to its vehicles. Volkswagen This laboratory, opened by Focusing on Artificial Intelligence, was established with the help of multiple partners. will focus on adapting new generation technologies to vehicles. In this laboratory, which will be a center with global connections, joint studies will be carried out on the benefits / opportunities that artificial intelligence, especially productive artificial intelligence, will bring to vehicles, and the developments here will be carried out. Volkswagen Group All brands under it will benefit.

Making a statement on this issue, VW CEO Oliver Blume said: “We want to offer our customers real added value through artificial intelligence. We aim to create a better product experience by connecting other ecosystems to our tools. Cooperation with technology companies is extremely important to us. “In the future, we also aim to simplify cooperation here from an organizational and cultural perspective.” said.

CES 2024 According to the statement made within the scope of OpenAI Generative artificial intelligence-based chat bot developed by ChatGPT, As of the second quarter of 2024 Volkswagen It will become a part of the vehicles. The system, which will come to ID series electric vehicles as well as popular models such as Tiguan, Passat and Golf, will allow people to communicate with their vehicles at a level never before. Thanks to ChatGPT, detailed information can be obtained on many subjects while driving or vehicle features can be managed by telling the chat bot.