Voi’s CEO rages against Fröken Snusk’s new song

Vois CEO rages against Froken Snusks new song

This weekend the artist released Miss Snusk a new single with the title “Voi till min Fuckboi”. The song is of the EPA-dunk genre and contains the lines:

“I ride a Voi, Voi, Voi, When I’m tipsy, feeling coy, Through the city, to my boi, boi, boi, Seeking pleasure, don’t you know?”.

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Voi’s CEO rages against Frökens Snusk’s new song

The song did not sit well with Voi’s CEO and co-founder Fredrik Helm as, according to him, it encourages drunk driving, which violates Voi’s user rules.

Fredrik Helm. Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/TT

In a post on Linkedin, Fredrik Hjelm writes, in English, that he is deeply concerned about the lyrics.

He believes that Voi is considering banning Ms. Snusk’s Voi account, which he then points out could be difficult because no one knows her real name and identity.

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Photo: Screenshot/Linkedin
Not allowed to drive Vois electric scooters drunk

In order to use Voi’s electric scooters, you need to agree to some user rules, one of which is that you must not ride the Voi under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medicine, or any other substance that may impair your ability to drive.

However, singing about driving Voi drunk is not forbidden, even if Fredrik Hjelm suggests it in his Linkedin post.

– He is not referring to ‘promotion’, he is referring to ‘drinking and driving’ when he writes that it violates our terms of use, says Sophie Cederberg, press officer at Voi to Di Digital.

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Fredrik Hjelm: “Deeply concerned about the lyrics”

In a comment to Di Digital, Fredrik Hjelm insists that he is worried about the lyrics.

– It is flattering that Voi is seen so much in Swedish popular culture. Having said that, I am deeply concerned about the lyrics and the message it spreads to Fröken Snusk’s young fans, he tells Di Digital.

The song should not be a collaboration between Voi and Ms. Snusk, but something that Ms. Snusk and the songwriter Rasmus Gozzi did on their own.

– We have not been involved in the song or approved the reference to our brand and absolutely cannot stand behind the lyrics, says Fredrik Hjelm to Di Digital.

News24 looking for Rasmus Gozzi and Miss Snusk for a comment.

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