Voice message system that will be deleted after listening has arrived for WhatsApp

Voice message system that will be deleted after listening has

The world’s most used instant messaging software WhatsApp The voice message infrastructure that will be deleted after being listened to has arrived.

The official statement made by WhatsApp about this useful feature that will increase security is as follows: happened:To add an additional layer of privacy to your messages, in 2021 We introduced the View Once feature for photos and videos. Today, We’re excited to announce that you can send a voice message that will disappear after the other person listens.. Whether you’re reading your credit card information to a friend or planning a surprise, you can now share sensitive information with peace of mind via voice message. For consistency with Once Viewed then disappear photos and videos, Once Viewed disappearing audio messages are clearly marked with a “one time” icon and can only be played once.


As with all your personal messages, WhatsApp also protects your voice messages with end-to-end encryption by default. View Once is another example of how we continually innovate around privacy. Voice messages, which will disappear after Viewed Once, will be gradually made available all over the world in the coming days. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this feature. Learn more about how they work Here “You can see.”

Before this, the company introduced the secret code system for chat lock. Directly to all the details about that system here You can reach us from our news.