Vladimir Putin, the great absentee

Vladimir Putin the great absentee

The United Nations General Assembly opened with a notable absentee. Vladimir Putin is not making the trip to New York this year, held back in Russia by the economic situation and especially by the Ukrainian crisis. But that did not prevent him from discussing his foreign policy from Moscow.

With our correspondent in Moscow, Jean-Didier Revoin

If Vladimir Putin chose to appear in Bishkek with the Chinese President last week, during the meeting of the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, he preferred to be represented before the General Assembly of the United Nations by his Minister of Foreign Affairs.

And if no intervention by the Russian president is planned in New York, he nevertheless delivered an enlightening speech on the foreign policy he intends to pursue, in front of an audience of ambassadors gathered this Tuesday, September 20 in Moscow in order to give him their credentials.

Moscow will continue to defend its sovereignty, despite the actions of those who strive to maintain a hegemonic role in world affairs and control everything, the Russian president said, before mentioning by name Latin America, Europe , Asia and Africa.

A very clear allusion to American foreign policy, from which we can deduce that he now intends to challenge it openly. An evolution in the language of the Russian president, which shows that despite the setbacks he has suffered in recent weeks, he remains determined to pursue his objectives in Ukraine.