Vladimir Putin announces ‘partial mobilization’ in Russia

Vladimir Putin announces partial mobilization in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday September 21 that he had signed a decree for the partial mobilization of reservists to fulfill the objectives of his “special military operation” in Ukraine, the objectives of which he assured had not changed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced a partial mobilization of Russians of fighting age, paving the way for a major escalation in the conflict in Ukraine. ” I consider it necessary to support the proposal (of the Ministry of Defence) of partial mobilization of citizens in reserve, those who have already served (…) and who have relevant experience Mr. Putin said.

The decree on partial mobilization is signed “and will come into force” today added the Russian president. ” We are only talking about partial mobilization “, underlined the Russian president, while rumors of a general mobilization have been circulating in recent hours.

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A response to the West

In an address to the Nation in a martial tone, Vladimir Putin said he supported the annexation referendums which were going to be organized in the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia, saying that he was of his ” moral duty to protect their inhabitants from neo-nazis in power in kyiv.

The Russian president asserted that his country was only responding to the aggression of the West, which in his view is subjecting Moscow to a ” nuclear blackmail “. ” We will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people. said the Russian president. ” It’s not a bluff he warned, after accusing the West of wanting destroy ” Russia.

The goal of the West is to weaken, divide and destroy Russia “Launched the Russian president in his speech. According to him, the West wants remove sovereign and independent development centers in the world to strengthen themselves.

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