Virgil Abloh: Founder of Off-White brand and chief designer of Louis Vuitton dies at 41

Virgil Abloh Founder of Off White brand and chief designer of

Virgil Abloh, one of the most famous designers in the fashion world, died at the age of 41 from a rare type of cancer.

Known as a genius designer, Abloh was the chief designer of menswear for French luxury fashion giant Louis Vuitton.

Abloh was the first African American to be appointed to this position.

Virgil Abloh became one of the most famous names in the fashion world with his streetwear brand Off-White.

In the commemoration of the 41-year-old designer’s Instagram page, the expressions “a loyal father, wife, older brother and friend” were used for Abloh.

Abloh, the son of a Ghanaian mother and father, died in Chicago.

In an article on his life in Vogue magazine, it was written that his acquaintance with clothes was based on his mother, who was a tailor.

He had been battling cancer for 2 years.

Abloh, who has 2 children, was diagnosed with cardiac angiosarcoma, a rare type of cancer, in 2019.

The fashion designer’s illness was not made public.

Regarding the disease process from his Instagram account, it was said, “He chose to carry out his fight against the disease in a private way. While he went through many different and challenging treatments, he continued to be a leader in important institutions of the world of fashion and culture and art.”

In the same post, the expressions “During the whole process, he never lost his work ethic, endless curiosity and optimism” were used.

Abloh has been cited as one of the most inspiring names in the fashion world.

Active in fashion, music, and the arts, Abloh also studied engineering and architecture.

“He was not only a genius designer and pioneer, but a sage with a beautiful soul,” said Bernard Arnault, chief executive of Louis Vuitton.