Vincent Duluc, a World Cup love

Vincent Duluc a World Cup love

The journalist and writer Vincent Duluc publishes with Plon editions, his “ World Cup lovers dictionary “. He recounts his love for football and for the football World Cup. An event that has animated his most beautiful (and sometimes some of his most painful) footballing memories since his childhood.

If it were theatre, it would be sometimes a comedy, sometimes a tragedy. If it was cinema, it would be a film all in slow motion and acceleration, with a few freeze frames. If it was a photography exhibition, we would see a lot of feet, a few heads, but also a few hands, including God’s, just that. If it were literature, it would be peopled with heroes worthy of Greek mythology, and gangsters in the style of station novels, eternally elegant and a few bad boys.

To tell us, a writer and journalist, one of the great feathers of the newspaper l’Équipe, who will experience his tenth World Cup in Qatar in a few days. Vincent Duluc comes today to share with us the memories, the great thrills that made him vibrate every four years.

The “World Cup Love Dictionary” by Vincent Duluc was published by Plon editions.

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