Viktor Dukanovic led “Bajen” to derby victory

The match must have been delayed ten minutes due to the large crowd pressure outside the arena. But once referee Adam Ladebäck blew the whistle, both teams were lightning fast out of the starting blocks.

Within the space of just a few minutes, Hammarby’s Josef Erabi had burned an almost open goal and AIK’s Cypriot Ioannis Pittas steered the ball into the crossbar.

Eventful first half

Halfway into the first half, Anton Salétros showed why he has been the visitors’ best player since joining the team this summer. When he made a fine shot, an independent Omar Faraj played in the penalty area, which placed 1-0 to AIK.

But Hammarby came back quickly. Just four minutes later, Erabi took revenge on himself and pushed in a rebound to make it 1-1.

The teenager green and white match hero

The second half would also be a rollercoaster. After just over ten minutes, Hammarby was awarded a free kick in a good position just a few meters outside AIK’s penalty area. Team captain Nahir Besara stepped up and stroked the free kick beautifully into goalkeeper Kristoffer Nordfeldt’s right cross.

After that, it only took seven minutes before the home team’s Montenegrin winger Viktor Dukanovic extended the lead via a quick Hammarby counterattack.

— It feels fantastic. I am so happy for the supporters. This is for them, look, says Dukanovic from inside to Discovery+.

AIK came back when substitute Dane Mads Tychosen reduced to 2–3. But AIK never came closer than that and “Bajen” could instead collect a new derby victory after Dukanovic established the final result at 4–2 with a delicious shot rib-in.

— I am very happy that we won the match. But I’m also very happy because I scored two goals in a derby.