Viewers rave about Sweden’s master chef

Viewers rave about Swedens master chef

Sweden’s master chef 2024 is beginning to suffer towards its end. There are only three contestants left and on Wednesday it will be decided which two amateur chefs will make it to this year’s final.

Viewers’ disappointment when Masterchef Lucas left

It has been an eventful season where the participants were faced with several exciting challenges. A viewer favorite who went out in the middle of the competition was Lucas Eriksson.

Sweden’s master chef Lucas sawing: “J*vla nonsense”

He has been praised for his cheeky and unique personality and when it was his turn to leave the competition, viewers went wild, which News24 wrote more about then.

Some even said they would boycott the rest of the competition as he would no longer be in the competition.

The viewers are furious when Lucas Eriksson leaves Sweden’s master chef in 2024

Sebastian went out in the semi-finals: “Shitjob”

In the semi-finals went Sebastian Wilhelmsson out, something that Nyheter24 wrote more about at the time. He was very proud of his effort and to have gone this far in the competition, but told us that it wasn’t always a bed of roses.

– Being a participant in Sweden’s master chef was, in any case, a roller coaster for me, close between hubris and anxiety. It was super fun and at the same time shitty. But all in all a wonderful journey, where I developed a lot as a person and as a cook. I have made friends for life. The entire production and the jury have been absolutely fantastic to work with, Sebastian told Nyheter24.

Sebastian left Sweden’s master chef: “Fucking job”

Viewers rave about Sweden’s master chef

Sweden’s master chef has a large number of viewers every week, but now several have had enough. On one of TV4’s Facebook posts about the program, the viewers rage.

Many believe that it is incredibly unhygienic for all the girls to cook with their hair completely out.

Sweden’s master chef 2024: All participants in the new season

“Obviously Tom has Hedvig as a favorite despite her bad hygiene (constantly fiddling with her hair) I would never hire her at my restaurant.”.

“This is my favorite show! But… I don’t understand why the girls are allowed to cook with long hair!”.

“I never think that a chef would allow that in his restaurant! I think you in the jury should discuss this!”.

“Loose hair hanging over the food doesn’t look right”.

“Thinks it’s unhygienic with long loose hair, should be a must to have it up”.

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