Victory went to Javier Milei in Argentina! ‘The end of the collapse in Argentina begins today’

Victory went to Javier Milei in Argentina The end of

According to the first results of the election, in which more than 94 percent of the ballot boxes were opened in Argentina, Milei, the candidate of the Freedom Development Party, was elected president with 55.82 percent of the votes.

“Peronist” alliance candidate and current Minister of Economy Sergio Massa received 44.17 percent of the votes.


Unity for the Homeland candidate Massa admitted defeat and announced that he had called his rival Milei to congratulate him on his election success. Stating that the results were far from his expectations, Massa said, “I called and congratulated him for the Argentines choosing Milei for the next 4 years. While doing this, I conveyed to him the message that the most important thing is respect for coexistence, dialogue and peace amidst all these difficulties.” he said.

It was recorded that the participation rate in the election was 76 percent.



Addressing his supporters at the Libertador Hotel in Buenos Aires, Milei said, “The collapse model is over, there is no turning back now. Anyone who wants to join the new Argentina, wherever they come from, will be welcomed. There is no room for those who resort to violence and disrupt the order. We will be relentless in enforcing the law.” she said.

Milei thanked former President Mauricio Macri, who announced their support for him before the election, and Patricia Bullrich, who came 3rd in the first round of the election.


Emphasizing that the “impoverishing” model of the state has ended everywhere, Milei said, “The end of the collapse begins today in Argentina, and today we are opening a new page in the history of the country. The idea that the state has a spoil to share is coming to an end. Today, the reconstruction of Argentina begins.” made his assessment.


Milei thanked his team for supporting him in this process and said, “We are experiencing a historical night, we will start working from tomorrow to solve the problems as soon as possible.” he said.

On the other hand, President Alberto Fernandez, in his statement on his social media account X, stated that the people showed their will in the election.

Fernandez said, “Millions of Argentine men and women went to vote and determined the fate of the country for the next 4 years. For my part, I will always continue to fight for a just, free and sovereign country. To strengthen democracy and the institutions of the Republic in unity and solidarity with all segments.” I will work for you.” he said.

Source: AA-Reuters

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