Victoires de la musique 2024: the triumph of Zaho de Sagazan, emotions and tributes…The recap and winners of the evening

Victoires de la musique 2024 the triumph of Zaho de

The 39th edition of the Victoires de la musique 2024, presented by Léa Salamé and Cyril Féraud, was held at the Seine Musicale in Boulogne-Billancourt. A look back at the highlights of the evening and the complete list of winners.

11:21 – For Vianney, “this Victory has a special taste”

“It’s been a few years, so I’m super happy. And it will forever have a special flavor, because I share it,” reacted the singer. Vianney received the prize for male artist of the year, tied with rapper Gazo.

10:41 – Yamê: “more and more people will listen to what I do”

Yamê received the Victoire de la Musique for male revelation of the year. “There are more and more people who will listen to what I do, so there is also a little more pressure obviously!”, he reacted.

09:32 – “I feel like I’m dreaming”: the reaction of Zaho de Sagazan

“I have the impression that I am dreaming and that I am going to wake up,” Zaho de Sagazan confides to Ouest France. “Knowing that people in the profession think that you do your job well is a pleasure. But even if I had not been nominated, I would have continued to make music,” says the singer.

00:13 – The 2024 Victories are over!

This is the end of this evening of the Victoires de la Musique, edition 39, which will have been marked by lovely musical moments, emotion, a few surprises, but above all will remain the coronation ceremony of Zaho de Sagazan, who leaves with four charms – out of five nominations, including the Victory for Female Revelation and Album of the Year.

00:07 – Aya Nakamura is Female Artist of the Year

What do Louane have in common? Aya Nakamura, Véronique Sanson and Jain? All four of them were nominated in the Female Artist category at the Victoires de la Musique, hoping to succeed Angèle who won this prize last year. And the Victory for Female Artist of the Year goes to… Aya Nakamura! Absent this evening, she will collect her trophy… later.

02/09/24 – 11:56 p.m. – Yamê is the male Revelation of the 2024 Victories

Pierre de Maere won the prestigious Victory for Male Revelation in 2023: so who from Aime Simone, Yamê or Nuit Incolore to succeed him? Three artists, three universes, but only one trophy. And the Musical Victory for Male Revelation is awarded to…. Yamê! A great first for the Franco-Cameroonian artist, whose notoriety has exploded in a very short time this year.

02/09/24 – 11:49 p.m. – Yamê on the Victory stage

He is definitely one of the revelations of the year, will he be one for the Victoires de la Musique? Yamê arrives on a bike, to sing, precisely, his song of the same name, surrounded by musicians and singers. He is competing against Aime Simone and Nuit Incolore.

02/09/24 – 11:48 p.m. – They left us this year..

There are many tributes this evening to artists who died in 2023, the Victoires now salute the memory of – among others – Claude Barzotti, Emmanuelle, Alain Goraguer, Tai-Luc, José Sébéloué, Slim Pezin, or Jean-Pierre Elkabbach. The evening is coming to an end, there are only two Victories left to be awarded.

02/09/24 – 11:45 p.m. – Zaho de Sagazan crowned female revelation

To succeed November Ultra, Female Revelation at the 2023 Victoires, three promising and very different young artists were named: Adèle Castillon, Meryl, Zaho de Sagazan. And OH SURPRISE (no), it’s Zaho from Sagazan! The box is (almost) full for the young artist, who is experiencing a consecration in these 2024 Victories with four trophies out of the five for which she was nominated. “I have exhausted all my cards,” says Zaho de Sagazan, who had not planned so many thank-you speeches, but dedicates this Victory to the caregivers and caregivers, to the caregivers, to the teachers, to the people who want do good, “they don’t have a Victory and well I’ll give it to you!”

02/09/24 – 11:39 p.m. – Adèle Castillon on stage at the Victoires

She is 22 years old and dreams of a first Victoire de la Musique: Adèle Castillon performs It’s funny on the Seine musical stage. She is competing in the category of Female Revelation of the Year, even if the public has known her for several years for her videos on the Internet or for having been half of the Nantes electropop duo Videoclub.

02/09/24 – 11:37 p.m. – Pascal Periz honored at the Victoires

Pascal Periz, member of the group Pow Wow known among other things for his hit Cat in the 1990s, died last December. The group received the Victory for Group of the Year in 1993. It’s difficult to imagine a Victory evening paying tribute to this artist.

02/09/24 – 11:34 p.m. – A third victory for Zaho de Sagazan

Julien Granel, Meryl and Zaho de Sagazan were all three nominated in the Stage Revelation category of these Victoires de la Musique. And, it could be a surprise if it wasn’t HIS evening, it was Zaho de Sagazan who converted the try and won this trophy, his third of the evening! “But who is hacking the thing? Mom is behind all this!”, says the young woman who is visibly going through all the emotions this evening. With 115 concert dates on the clock this year, we can understand the emotion.

For these 39th Victoires de la Musique, artists were nominated in nine categories, one more than last year: the 2024 Victoires mark the return of the Stage Revelation category, sacrificed due to the Covid pandemic and the concerts stopped. Here is the complete list of nominees in the different categories and in bold, the winner:

For these 2024 Victoires de la Musique, only one category was subject to public votes: that of Original Song of the Year. Another change for this 2024 edition: the composition of the Académie des Victoires, which until now brought together 800 voters – 600 professionals from the music industry and 200 voters from the public, is now made up of 882 people, all professionals in the field, with a better representation of live performance.