Véronique Jannot warns against cosmetic surgery which does not prevent “breasts and buttocks from falling”

Veronique Jannot warns against cosmetic surgery which does not prevent

Her strong opinion on cosmetic surgery, her well-being tips, her sports routine adapted to her age: Véronique Jannot reveals all her secrets for being in shape at 66.

On the occasion of the release of his book The Present is my refuge (XO Editions), Véronique Jannot gave an interview to Télé-Loisirs. The opportunity for the French actress and singer to talk about beauty.

Véronique Jannot denounces the abuse of cosmetic surgery

While some stars use it to rejuvenate their facial features or erase the physical signs of aging, Véronique Jannot is against cosmetic surgery. The one who has never gone under the knife prefers to keep an expressive face. “I so love faces that live and I have seen so many catastrophic results with women no longer having expressions!”, she lamented. The Frenchwoman also wanted to emphasize that the plastic surgery does not slow down the effects of time. “You know, surgery does not prevent hands and necks from being damaged, breasts and buttocks from sagging!”, she explained with humor. Her real beauty secret at 66? Accept your age. “Even if we can hope to repel it, THE aging is inevitable : we must accept it. If we don’t run away from time, we can tame it.” added the one who lives peacefully in the countryside.

Véronique Jannot’s anti-aging routine to stay in shape

Véronique Jannot has managed to maintain her dynamism at over 60 thanks to this serenity, but not only. “It must be said that I am lucky to have good genes”, she admitted, before adding “That and curiosity count in stay young longer. The one who won her fight against uterine cancer moves her body every day to display iron health. “To do this, you have to stay active, do gymnastics, stretch your body. Every evening, I do fifteen minutes of exercises, my yoga,” declared the sixty-year-old. To complete this fitness routine, Véronique Jannot has one last beauty secret: “I also advise take food supplements : vitamins, magnesium…”concluded the star, also a fan of meditation.