Vasaloppet’s drastic decision – changes the rules after the success of super talent Alvar Myhlback: “On time”

Alvar Myhlback’s success in the Vasaloppet shocked the skiing world.
After the success, the classic competition is now forced to change its rules.
– It’s crazy fun, he says.

Alvar Myhlback is truly an extraordinary talent. Despite the fact that he was born in 2006 – and thus is only 17 years old – he is already one of the skiing world’s most talked about and hyped skiers. The fact is that Myhlback hasn’t even had time to do his first World Cup race yet, but he has already had time to make a real impression.

Changing the rules

Already last fall, Myhlback, then 16 years old, came third in his first individual sprint ever, when he competed in the Swedish premiere in Bruksvallarna. During the winter, Myhlback also made a bet on long-distance running – and it was a total success in the Vasaloppet, where he shocked the skiing world by finishing eighth. And it was actually not even intended that Myhlback would be allowed to stand, at least according to the regulations.

221118 Alvar Myhlback, Sågmyra SK, after the men’s sprint during the Swedish premiere on 18 November 2022 in Bruksvallarna. Photo: Johan Axelsson / BILDBYRÅN / COP 245 / JA0105

There have previously been distance restrictions in the Vasaloppet, which led to Myhlback needing to apply for a dispensation to compete. After the enormous success, the rules are now being changed, and the competition coordinator at the Swedish Skiing Association, Ludvig Remb, admits that it is after Myhlback’s success.

– This rule has existed for a very long time, and there has not been any discussion about it before, says Remb to Expressen.

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“A big highlight”

From now on, all juniors who have an international ski license from Fis can compete, something that pleases Alvar Myhlback, who does not hold back how much it meant to him to ride the Vasaloppet – and perform as well as he did.

– If I hadn’t been allowed to ride the Vasaloppet last year and got that result, the summation of my season would have looked completely different. It was a big highlight, says Alvar Myhlback.

221120 Alvar Myhlback, Sågmyra SK competes in the men’s 15 km freestyle during the Bruksvall race on November 20, 2022 in Bruksvallarna. Photo: Johan Axelsson / BILDBYRÅN

Myhlback, who believes that the rule change “is about time”, was not only happy about his own position in the race, but also that he got the chance to help club mate Emil Persson, who won. They both compete for Lager 157 in Ski Classics, which Myhlback will continue to do during the winter.

– It was the highlight of the season. After all, I got to help Emil to victory – so it felt a bit like I also won the Vasaloppet, says Myhlback.

There are many indications that Myhlback will be able to make his first World Cup races during the winter. During the summer, he has been a great success in Norway in several roller skiing competitions, when among other things he threatened Johannes Kläbo himself.

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