VanMoof unveils the VanMoof V, a full suspension two-wheel drive speedbike

VanMoof unveils the VanMoof V a full suspension two wheel drive

Dutch e-bike manufacturer VanMoof just announced its very first high speed electric bicycle, more commonly called speedbike. These are VAE capable of traveling up to 50 km / h and which must therefore comply with the legislation on mopeds. In France, a speedbike must not exceed 45 km / h, be registered, insured and cannot use cycle paths. In addition, its driver must have an AM license and wear an approved helmet.

the VanMoof V is still at the prototype stage and will not be available before the end of 2022. The manufacturer has not given a lot of technical details on this new electric bike in its range. It will have two motors housed in the hubs, an automatic transmission, front and rear suspensions and a 700 Wh battery. The frame is in aluminum and the chunkier design differs significantly from other models of the brand such as the VanMoof S3 and X3. The VanMoof V will be fitted with tiresthick »Giving it the appearance of a fatbike.

We will find the typical functions of VanMoof such as the Kick Lock keyless unlocking, the integrated anti-theft device and the Turbo Boost button which provides instant acceleration. This speedbike will be connected via a application mobile which centralizes all the information and possible settings. The speed maximum of the VanMoof V will be adapted according to the legislation of the countries where it will be distributed. The advertised selling price of € 3,498 is rather aggressive for this type of electric bike. VanMoof has opened invitation bookings for this new model, which will first deliver at the end of next year.