Valve is working on a new shooter reminiscent of Overwatch, but the community doubts it

Recently there were leaks about Valve’s new shooter Deadlock. On Reddit, players are now discussing the official name Hero Shooter and think that it is actually something completely different.

What game is this about? Deadlock is a new game from Valve that is set to be released on Steam. It is an announced hero shooter that, according to rumors, is apparently already in alpha.

  • Insider Gaming reported on YouTube about Valve’s new hero shooter Deadlock. All of the heroes’ names were also revealed.
  • According to some speculations, the game will be released as early as 2025. A very stable framework is said to already be in place.
  • Deadlock is said to be a third-person shooter, hero-based and designed for the competitive scene. Two teams of 6 heroes will compete against each other. It is also said to use “tower defense” mechanisms.
  • There is no trailer or official gameplay for Deadlock yet. Almost 3 weeks ago, there were leaks on Reddit that showed gameplay. However, the video is no longer available. Instead, you can look at some screenshots via

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    What does the community say? On Reddit, a user started his post with a picture of Deadlock and the statement that it was a hero shooter. However, this was then discussed by other users in the comments.

    Deadlock is officially a hero shooter, meaning it is compared to games like Overwatch. However, many users do not seem to see this comparison and the classification as a hero shooter. One comment asks: “Is ‘hero shooter’ the right term for it? After all the stuff that was leaked […] it’s more of a MOBA shooter, right?”

    A mix of DOTA and shooter?

    Many people agree with this question and are already comparing Deadlock to other games such as Battleborn, Smite or DOTA 2. The difference to DOTA 2 is simply that it is a third-person shooter, as one user claims. The comparison to DOTA actually comes up more than once. One user even gives the game the new name “Shoota”, a mix of DOTA and shooter.

    No matter which game they compare Deadlock to, most people agree that the shooter seems more like a MOBA shooter. “This game is a hero shooter in the same way that League or DOTA are arena fighters. This game is a MOBA,” says one comment.

    How similar Deadlock will ultimately be to Overwatch, or whether the community’s comparisons make more sense, will only become clear when we get official information about the shooter. There was new information about DOTA 2 recently: Steam giant Valve is putting a lot of work into DOTA 2: Fundamentally changing all 124 heroes