Valentine’s Day – the stiffest day of the year according to the pub staff

In the restaurant industry, it is widely known that Valentine’s Day is different from the rest of the year.
The taverns are filled with couples in love with high expectations for a romantic evening.
But several people who work in the industry testify to something else – it becomes dead quiet.
– It’s going to be such a terribly tense atmosphere, says a chef.

No OB, but record in uncomfortable mood. This is how restaurant staff describe the work environment during Valentine’s Day. The lovers have booked tables months in advance, but when the evening comes, it seems difficult for many to find topics to talk about with their loved ones.

– It is incredibly quiet. They have such high expectations for the evening but don’t seem to have anything to talk about, says a waitress.

In the industry, the day is called the paradise of deuces. The restaurants are refurnished into tables for two to accommodate as many people as possible, something that changes the dynamics of the dining room.

– It will be such a terribly tense atmosphere. It’s not loud groups of friends that lighten the mood, but only couples who each drink a glass of the second cheapest wine, says a chef who prefers to avoid working on Valentine’s Day.

High expectations are quickly dashed

At his restaurant, they have 250 people on the waiting list for the evening. They have shorter sessions to catch up with more people. He believes that the combination of the fact that there is extremely much to do at the same time as the atmosphere is different means that, if possible, he will not work on February 14.

– Everyone writes that they want a separate table, preferably by a window. The couple have very high expectations, which are quickly dashed because there is so much pressure on the staff on this day. And because many visitors are not used to going to a restaurant.

– They get to sit tight and compete to be the most romantic. But they have nothing to talk about.

The dating bar tent: This is how you lighten the mood

Restaurateur Daniel Meyn, famous bartender from the SVT program Första dejten, believes that it is primarily the tables for two that make the atmosphere different on Valentine’s Day.

– You have such high expectations. You may have invited someone you like and are nervous. It’s hard to get conversations going and no wonder a date gets stiff. If you are unlucky and there are five such couples in a restaurant, it is clear that it affects the atmosphere, he says.

But Daniel Meyn wants to point out that there are couples who have wonderful dates. He also thinks that restaurants have a responsibility to lighten the mood.

– Bring in a saxophonist and someone who sings opera. Turn up the volume on the music and interact with the staff. Here you just have to be creative, he says.