Vacuum cleaner sales: the Dyson V12 benefits from a 100 euro reduction

Vacuum cleaner sales the Dyson V12 benefits from a 100

The 2023 winter sales are an ideal time to crack on a new vacuum cleaner. The Dyson V12 cordless vacuum cleaner is currently available at less than 100 euros of its initial price.

The great mass of the 2023 winter sales has begun. Many promotions are expected on all kinds of products including vacuum cleaners. Whether you are looking for a vacuum brooms or an autonomous robot, many references benefit from promotions throughout the year.

Right now the cordless vacuum cleaner Dyson V12 is on promotion at the official website Dyson. This lightweight, ergonomic and practical vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 150AW suction motor and a light brush that reveals dust even in the most stubborn places.

What are the 2023 winter sales on robot vacuum cleaners?

Finding a vacuum cleaner during the winter sales is a good idea! But if you don’t have much time to clean your house, it may be worth investing in a robot vacuum cleaner. These semi-autonomous devices have the advantage of cleaning your home, even while you are away! Recognized brands in the field vary from Roborock to Roomba via Xiaomi, but promotions are relatively frequent!

Dyson does not yet seem to be participating directly in the 2023 winter sales. However, several of the brand’s products are still showing some price reductions. Do not hesitate either to go directly to the Dyson site where you can find the latest novelties of the brand, but at a high price.

Having a broom to do your housework is good. Owning a vacuum cleaner is better. Owning a stick vacuum cleaner is even better! Sales increasingly concern this type of product, which is particularly sought after during promotional events.

The winter sales officially take place from January 11 until February 7, 2023. However, these dates are not valid for all departments, especially those overseas. Discover all the official information and dates of the winter 2023 sales in our dedicated article.