Urso: work is underway on a framework law on enabling technologies

Urso work is underway on a framework law on enabling

(Finance) – The Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Ursusannounced that “a framework law connected to the maneuver on enabling technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, metaverse and virtual reality”. At the end of the G7 work on the industry, Urso explained that “this connection will be presented after the bill onartificial intelligence“. In the measure, the minister then recalled, 320 million euros were allocated, destined “for the industry of the future” which also concerns “space economy and blue economy”.
As regards theautomotive he instead underlined that “even if we reached the objective of 1 million vehicles produced in Italy, it would not be sufficient to satisfy the internal market“. “We have analyzed and agreed that to keep the automotive industry competitive there is a need for 1.3 million vehicles. We are missing something because Italy is the only country in Europe to have only one car company”, he added. “Another entity would be enough, we have been working for a year to bring at least one other car company to Italy. This is about Asian manufacturers and also Westerners“, he added.

As regards the works of G7 instead, the “need for resilient networks, both submarine, terrestrial and satellite” emerged, considered “strategic” by partner countries. “There underwater connectivity increases the safety of global communications“, for this reason “we are also evaluating alternative routes through the Arctic, so that we can have, in any case and regardless, shared safety cables”, revealed Urso.

There route arctiche commented, “it seems to us to be the most achievable at this moment” and this is why the topic was included, through an annex, in the final declaration of works.