Urgent reminder: sold in 1600 Lidl supermarkets, this product must absolutely not be consumed

Urgent reminder sold in 1600 Lidl supermarkets this product must

This meat was potentially marketed in 1,600 Lidl supermarkets. But it was unfit for consumption. If you have it at home, throw it away immediately.

A major health warning has been issued to consumers after potential contamination was discovered affecting a common food product. These are duck legs from the “Etal du poultryer” brand, the sale of which has been extended to around 1,600 Lidl supermarkets. The problem lies in the detection of a bacteria which, when ingested, can cause serious or even fatal illnesses.

The strain of Listeria identified in duck legs is known to be the cause of listeriosis, an infection that can cause symptoms ranging from fever and muscle aches to more serious complications. The incriminated products have the GTIN code 20336370 with lot number 0253035554. These details are essential for the identification of specific products at risk.

Following the publication of the alert on November 3, 2023, consumers were asked to check any packages of duck legs they may have purchased and refrain from consuming them. Instead, it is advisable to return the affected products to the point of sale where they were purchased for a full refund. This recall is particularly concerning due to the product’s popularity and wide distribution. Lidl has taken proactive measures by immediately removing all affected batches from its supermarket shelves and putting in place procedures to prevent the sale of affected products.

For people who have consumed potentially contaminated products and who experience symptoms suggestive of an infection, health authorities recommend not taking these signs lightly and promptly consulting a healthcare professional. Because listeriosis is treatable with antibiotics, early identification and treatment are crucial to prevent serious outcomes.

Consumers are also advised to strictly follow food safety practices at home, such as maintaining foods at safe temperatures, separating raw and cooked foods to avoid cross-contamination, and frequent hand washing before and after handling food. This product recall serves as a warning that food contamination can occur in everyday products, and the importance of vigilance cannot be underestimated.