Uppy, the domestic application that protects children from digital dangers, is out

Uppy the domestic application that protects children from digital dangers

An application that offers security by protecting children from digital dangers uppy, It is available for Android and iOS.

Between them Ali Koç, Ali Sabanci, Nevzat Aydin, Begum Dogan and Bergüzar Korel Dusyeri, which has received an investment of $ 3.7 million with a valuation of $ 35 million in recent months from the investor group, including names such as uppy aims to be the “KIDS MODE” of smart devices all over the world. The following is stated in the statement for the application: While Uppy provides all the safety of children in the 2-6 age group in the digital world, it also gives parents the opportunity to get to know their children better by following the development of the child. The Uppy software, which includes artificial intelligence-based and smart algorithms, aims to reduce the risks that children will face in the digital world to zero.”

Dreamyeri Founder, Educational Technologies and Communication Specialist Ayşe Şule Bilgiç, He stated the following on the matter:Early childhood is the most critical developmental period in a person’s life. Like the black box, the codes of many of our failings in adulthood are based on life experiences during this period. Today, children are now in the digital world during this period and they are faced with numerous developmental risks. At Uppy, we primarily eliminate the negative effects of the digital world on the development of children.

Afterwards, we turn their limited and limited digital time into entertainment with artificial intelligence that will support their development.” said. More than 90 age-appropriate, intelligence-enhancing digital games, 256 digital books, hundreds of children’s meditations, RTÜK licensed children’s television channel and even Youtube are filtered in Uppy, where more than 100 experts accompany its development.There is also a YouTube that shows only age-appropriate content.”


İbrahim Coşkuner, Co-Founder of Dusyeri about the application “To create Uppy, under the leadership of Ayşe Şule, we transformed the results of scientific research into effective content for children for 4 years, worked with hundreds of experts in their fields, and wrote tens of thousands of lines of code. When we say beta, MVP, we are ready to touch all the children in the world. Our goal is to be the kids mode of all smart devices and protect them in this world.” said.

uppy, for Android from herefor iOS directly from here can be obtained. Also to the service www.uppyweb.com It can also be accessed via the address. For installed service An annual payment of 699 TL is required.

  • Price 699 TL per year
  • Dimension 150MB
  • Load App Store