Update 1.4, which brings new features for Togg T10X, has been released

Domestic electric SUV model Togg T10X Update 1.4, which brings new features for presented.

About the 1.4 update that will please Togg T10X ownersWe bring many innovations to our users, from facial recognition technology to enriched circular remote control, from air conditioning planner to 360 camera floor imaging technology.” was summarized and Officially the following was shared: “Facial recognition login, full-screen application display with new interface, new color themes, smart device profile personalization, enhanced circular remote control, smart device climate planner, Trumore my smart device and T10X floor imaging technology.” The following visual X was also shared on this subject and a video was also shared.


A bank application for T10X was also available today. Company He explained this in detail:Togg, which brings smart life solutions to users through the Trumore digital platform, continues its strong collaborations for a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. Togg recently signed a comprehensive business partnership with Akbank, ranging from performing mobile banking transactions via the smart device screen to implementing blockchain scenarios that will serve as a bridge between fintech and the mobility ecosystem.

Within the scope of the partnership, the solution that enriches the Togg smart device experience with Internet of Things technology meets Togg users. Thanks to this world-first solution, Akbank’s mobile banking solution goes beyond the phone and is presented on the screen of Togg smart devices. Thanks to these solutions that offer a banking experience beyond the standard, it becomes possible to perform mobile banking transactions via Togg smart devices.

To do this, it is sufficient to download and use the Akbank Mobile Application, which is available to users at Tru.Store on the Trumore digital platform. T10X users will be able to quickly and easily perform payment and money transfer transactions, especially HGS payments, and view their accounts and cards with the Akbank Mobile application accessed through the application.

The services in the application will continue to be constantly updated and make the lives of Togg users easier. Within the scope of Akbank and Togg collaboration, blockchain user scenario studies, which are the first in their field, were initiated by testing solutions that will enable Togg smart devices to be used as digital value thanks to the tokenization of real-world assets.

Thanks to this study, in which digital assets representing T10X ownership are created, stored and shared using the “Tokenization” technology developed by Togg with smart contracts on the blockchain, it is aimed to represent Togg smart devices as digital value in the future.

T10X ownership and usage rights can be managed as digital assets, to the extent permitted by relevant legal regulations; In the long term, it is expected to pave the way for many financial services such as secure payment in second-hand vehicle sales, payment as you use, car rental and easy loans.

In a future where digitizing real-world assets will be inevitable, the cooperation of Akbank and Togg is determining ways to open the doors today. Akbank and Togg will continue to support visionary projects that will carry the mobility ecosystem and financial technologies solutions into the future.”