up to -50% on kitchen and maintenance appliances!

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BLACK FRIDAY APPLIANCES. Deals of up to 30% off large equipment and sometimes 50% off small kitchen or maintenance appliances are available for Black Friday Week. Selection of the best deals.

It’s only a matter of hours before the Black-Friday does not begin, but there is no longer any question of waiting to see the promotions on household appliances. Offers have been numerous and generous since the beginning of the week on large appliances, including those that are among the top sellers during the promotional period, namely refrigerators. Traders apply discounts of up to -30% on refrigerators (combined, American, with one or two doors) but also on washing machines and dishwashers.

Other smaller products that are usually sold at a high price are subject to reductions during Black Friday Week, starting with multifunction robots and other kitchen appliances, some of which are gadget or pleasure purchases at the like beer taps. On the kitchen robot side, great deals are to be concluded with the -25% applied by Moulinex on the ClickChef cooker or the multifunction i-Companin Touch XL sold at €899.99 against €1199.99. Also on the shelves of household appliances, Black Friday is an opportunity for consumers to treat themselves to other expensive equipment intended for home maintenance, laundry or other self-care such as hairdressing or more broadly beauty appliances. Especially since brands such as Philips, Braun and Oral-B play the game during Back Friday by selling certain products up to half price.

Black Friday is often a time for consumers to indulge in expensive household appliances and in the most sought-after products, refrigerators occupy a good position. Whether combined, with one door or American with two doors and all the gadgets, the models of refrigerators on sale during Black Friday are numerous. As well as dishwashers and washing machines which are also in the ranking of the best-selling major household appliances. This year again, you have to keep a close eye on this equipment so as not to miss out on the rare pearl.

L’vacuum is one of the kings products of the house and an unmissable during Black Friday. From connected robots that do the housework on their own to wireless broom vacuum cleaners, all the ranges of devices present attractive promotions. Discover the article dedicated to the good deals of vacuum cleaners 2022.

While Black Friday fans are flocking to high-tech smartphones and accessories, small household appliances are also highly sought after by consumers, especially when prices are slashed. Food processors, beauty and hygiene devices and other gadgets are the subject of offers to be seized.

What are the good deals on kitchen appliances and robots?

To concoct good homemade meals, being well equipped is an advantage: multifunction food processor, cooker, pastry chef, mini oven… The choice is vast and the prices very attractive during Black Friday. Note on the pastry robots that the SilverCrest brand from Lidl also offers a robot at the more affordable price of 129€. Sales of other devices are successful during commercial operation such as coffee machines.

Black Friday offers on coffee machines are also very numerous, so much so that it can be difficult to sort out the good deals from the less attractive discounts. To find the best deals, rely on our selection of products in this dedicated article.

Where can you find good deals for small household appliances for laundry care?

Iron, steam generator or garment steamer, Black Friday is the time to find the solution that suits you at great prices. From the unequaled steam generator when the pile of laundry to be ironed overflows steamer easy to take everywhere and practical for extra maintenance, there is something to satisfy all consumers.

What promotions on small appliances for the home?

The Black Friday period is when rain and lower temperatures make indoor air more humid. At this time, it is sometimes necessary to buy a dehumidifier and/or air purifier to purify the air in your home (more polluted than the air outside).

What offers to remember on beauty appliances?

The Black Friday period is the perfect time to treat yourself and invest in a new straightener, a hair dryer or even an epilator or electric trimmer. There are many offers in this sector and above all they are welcome given the usual price of hygiene devices, so you might as well take advantage of this unparalleled commercial operation.

Electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are very popular and would only offer better dental hygiene, the price of these devices is a major obstacle for consumers. During Black Friday, products from the leading brands, Oral-B and Philips, are sold at reduced prices. Electric toothbrushes are consistently among the best-selling products.

Electric epilator, trimmer or electric razor

Same observation for razors and other electric hair removal devices, if they are effective they are also very expensive. During Black Friday many models of razors and epilators, for both men and women, are on sale and sometimes sold at half price.

Black Friday is an opportunity not to be missed when you want to equip yourself at a lower cost, you still have to find the best deals and for that there is only one solution: survey the market. Find on this page the good plans for Black Friday 2022 as well as the best products of the year, in case they are affected by the Black Friday reductions. You can also subscribe to our good deals alerts by filling out the form at the top of this article to be sure not to miss anything!