Up to 41 percent discount on private leasing

Up to 41 percent discount on private leasing

The prices of both new and used electric cars have fallen sharply in recent years, and this has also rubbed off on the prices of private leasing.

Now Today’s industry composed a list of how the prices of the ten most popular electric cars in Sweden have developed over the past six months.

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Polestar and Tesla have hijacked the most

The car brand that has been blamed to some extent for the price drop in the electric car market is Tesla, which has repeatedly implemented substantial price reductions on its cars.

It is thus not unexpected that Tesla is one of the brands with the highest price cuts on the list. Leasing the brand’s SUV Model Y, which is Sweden’s best-selling electric car, is now roughly 20 percent cheaper than last fall.

However, the brand that takes the first place for the most price reductions is the struggling Swedish-Chinese brand Polestar. Leasing of the brand’s model Polestar 2, in the version with the small battery, has dropped by a whopping 41 percent.

In third place is the BMW i4, with a reduction of 15 percent.

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Brands choose different tactics

Other car manufacturers have been considerably more modest with their reductions, and some have even raised prices significantly.

An Audi Q4 e-tron is today as much as 30 percent more expensive to lease privately than six months ago, and the Kia EV6 is not far behind with a price increase of just over 26 percent. Volvo has not adjusted the price of the XC40 in the past six months, while the brand’s two other best sellers, the C40 and EX30, have been on the market for less than six months.

Volkswagen has reduced the price of its ID.4 by a paltry 2.6 percent over the past six months, with the model getting a steeper price cut in 2023. The ID.4 sibling, the Skoda Enyaq, is now roughly 8 percent cheaper to lease than six months ago.

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Price development September 2023 – March 2024 for Sweden’s 10 most popular electric cars


Price, kroner

Private lease March 2024

Private lease September 2023


Polish 2


SEK 5,400/month

SEK 9,190/month


Tesla Model Y

554 170

SEK 6,690/month

SEK 8,435/month


BMW i4


SEK 9,195/month

SEK 10,815/month


Skoda Enyaq


SEK 7,755/month

SEK 8,435/month




SEK 5,495/month

SEK 5,639/month


Volvo XC40


SEK 7,790/month

SEK 7,790/month


Kia EV6


SEK 8,695/month

SEK 6,895/month


Audi Q4 e-tron


SEK 7,795/month

SEK 5,995/month


Volvo EX30


SEK 6,790/month

Volvo C40


SEK 8,635/month

Source: Dagens Industri

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