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Unusual solutions from the Pelicans in the SM league final

Expert Topi Nättinen analyzes the first final of the hockey SM league and tells three reasons why Tappara won instead of Pelicans.

1) Defending the center of Tappara

The defense of Tappara’s really dull center was expert Top Nättinen according to the most noteworthy thing of the first final.

– Pelicans didn’t get to the A-class goal posts much. Even though it ran, for example, the last ten minutes of the match, the play in the attacking area remained pretty simplistic. Pelicans had to shoot from the rim, but the really good and high-quality spots were exhausted.

– Certainly, the actions of both teams play a role here, but Tappara’s aggressive central defense was admirable on Saturday. The defense was well helped by the goalkeeper Christian Heljanko and was the solution of the first final for me.

2) Tappara’s dull beginning

– The beginning of the match was overstepping by Tappara. The Pelicans had only two shots on goal in the first period. Tappara came out of the gates with a good expression and with strong offensive play, the matter became concrete on the ice.

Oiva Keskinen field (on the sides Petteri Puhakka and Nicholas Halloran) must be highlighted according to the expert, the trio scored the first two goals in the opening final. They are given responsibility and they are also able to redeem it. The trio has their own numbers in the power statistics of the playoffs when playing on an even playing field compared to all the others.

– The Pelicans didn’t have a passing game or a passing game at all in the first period. I don’t know how to even describe that game. There were so many unusual Pelicans solutions at that point. At the start of the attack, one of our own players was even kicked in the neck. The Pelicans were completely lost in the dull beginning, Tappara did what was necessary, the expert broke.

Pelicans front line forwards Ryan Lasch and Lars Bryggman were not awake at the beginning of the match. The duo was on the ice during every Tappara goal.

– The first goal came from Lasch losing the puck in the central area, and Bryggman, on the other hand, wasted his own man in defensive duties, when Puhakka was free to finish the 1-0 goal. Otto Leskinen Lasch should have blocked the shot in the 2–0 goal he scored, comments Nättinen.

SM league 1st final, Tampere:

  • Tappara – Pelicans 3–1 (2–0.0–0.1–1)
    02.04 1–0 Puhakka (Halloran, Keskinen)
    19.02 2–0 Leskinen (Halloran, Keskinen)
    49.29 3–0 Savinainen (Kontiola, Juolevi)
    59.54 3–1 Horky (Bryggman, Lasch) im
  • Cooler: Tappara 1×2 min, Pelicans 4×2
  • Defenses: Heljanko 2+12+9=23
    Total 12+4+6=22
  • Audience: 12,144
  • 3) Chains

    According to Topi Nättinen, Tappara has been more successful in its lineup recently than the Pelicans.

    Brother Matti SavinainenPetri KontiolaPhilip Granath has been a genius bet by Tappara’s coaching. In the final match of the KalPa series, the winning goal from the chain and again a good game produced one important goal. Also, the fact that Kontiola and Anton Levtchi have been fired by force is a good move in my opinion. Kontiola plays in the first position now in the middle, Levtchi rotates from the second.

    According to the expert, at the same time, the Pelicans must react to their offensive chain of the profit unit Aatu JämsenNathan SchnarrLubos Horky.

    – Now we don’t know if Schnarr, who hurt himself in the third set, is injured. In any case, the chain must be awakened and broken from me. Jämsen has been in the dark for the last five playoffs after playing in this chain, and Horky and Schnarr haven’t played very well together either. Pelicans need more width to score goals, sees Nättinen.

    The program of the SM league finals:

    ‘s advance broadcast starts at Areena 45 minutes before each match. On Wednesday, Radio Suomi is included from 18:02.

    Sat 20.4. Tappara – Pelicans 3–1 (2-0.0-0.1-1)
    Mon 22.4. Pelicans – Tappara at 18:30, Areena
    Wed 24.4. Tappara – Pelicans at 18:30, Radio Suomi and Areena
    Fri 26.4. Pelicans – Tappara at 18:30, Areena
    Sun 28.4. Tappara – Pelicans at 17:00, Areena (if necessary) Mon 29.4. Pelicans – Tappara at 18:30, Areena (if necessary) Thu 2.5. Tappara – Pelicans at 18:30, Areena (if necessary)

    Ylen Jääkiekkierros follows all the final matches until the decision.