ÜNOG Game Developer Meeting This Weekend

UNOG Game Developer Meeting This Weekend

Developer Meetup week, which is held regularly by ÜNOG in the capital Ankara, has arrived. At the event organized by ÜNOG Game Developer Community, game developers and those interested in game development come together, meet and exchange views, and a significant synergy emerges. ÜNOG game developer meeting It will be held this weekend on Saturday, November 4, between 15 and 23 in the afternoon at Kızılay Route.

ÜNOG Game Developer Meeting This Weekend

Defining itself as “a game developer community that aims to improve the skills and abilities of university students” ÜNOGhas continued to make significant contributions to the gaming industry since its establishment in 2017. The community performs extremely important tasks both in the field of game development and in terms of the interaction and synergy of the game developer community; It also makes a difference with the events it organizes.

game developers, especially software developers, game designers and game artists; ÜNOG, whose doors are open to anyone who is currently developing games or interested in game development, has organized many events to date. The community, which focuses on the gaming industry coming together and strengthening the bond between them in the organizations it organizes, also provides the opportunity for new talents to find a place in the industry.

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As the end of 2023 approaches, ÜNOG continues its activities in both Ankara and Istanbul; It will bring together game developers in Ankara with the Developer Meetup it will organize this weekend. The meeting, which will start at 15 o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday (November 4), will end at 23 o’clock. Game developers in Ankara who want to participate can register within the specified time period. Kızılay Route They may as well be.

About ÜNOG

Aiming to bring together game developers in the Turkish game industry, ÜNOG carries out community activities especially for university game developers. Adding synergy and vision to the sector with the events it organizes ÜNOG’s activities It usually occurs during the academic year.

The dynamic community started its activities for the 2023 – 2024 academic year; It continues its work, especially based in Ankara and Istanbul. Participating in community activities Those who wish can be informed about future programs by following ÜNOG’s social media accounts.