Universal charging, iPhone 15, Apple Watch… The three things to remember from the keynote

Universal charging iPhone 15 Apple Watch… The three things to

The leaders of Apple, the apple brand, unveiled four new iPhones on Tuesday, September 12. The base model, the iPhone 15, will be marketed from 800 dollars, the same price as the iPhone 14 presented a year ago. The most expensive professional model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, will cost at least $1,200, or $100 more than its equivalent in the previous range.

“Apart from the price of the iPhone 15 Pro, which was expected to increase (compared to its 14 version) but which remained unchanged, the presentation resembled what the specialists expected,” commented Yory Wurmser, d ‘Insider Intelligence.

The ceramic case of the iPhone 15

During the presentation called this year “Wonderlust”, a portmanteau that combines “want to travel” and “wonder”, Apple executives mainly reviewed the new technical characteristics of their devices, after a disappointing quarter for iPhone sales.

Like every year, these models feature brighter screens, more sophisticated lenses and more advanced computer chips. The iPhone 15, for example, has “a ceramic shell that is water and dust resistant,” praised Kaiann Drance, a vice-president of the Californian group. “It retains its value longer than any other smartphone,” she said.

Enough to encourage loyal Apple users to buy a more recent model? From April to June 2023, for the third quarter in a row, Apple recorded a decline in its turnover year-on-year (-1.4%), to $81.8 billion. The reason for this is a 2.4% decline in sales for its flagship product, the iPhone.

The universal charging port (finally) integrated

Apple finally gave in: the Californian giant integrated the universal charging port known as “USB-C” into its new range of iPhones presented on Tuesday, a year before being obliged to do so by a European law that it had fought for a long time . “USB-C has become the universally accepted standard,” acknowledged Kaiann Drance during the annual marketing event organized three months before the end-of-year holidays.

The universal port is not one of the kinds of technological innovations that Apple likes to highlight, but Brussels has required electronics manufacturers to equip all new smartphones, tablets and cameras with a USB-C port. by the end of 2024.

“Now the same cable can charge your Mac (computer), iPad (tablet), iPhone, and even your second generation AirPods pro (wireless earbuds),” added Kaiann Drance. “If the battery in your AirPods is too low, or that of your Apple Watch (watch), you can charge them directly from your iPhone.”

The innovations of the Apple Watch Series 9

The first half of the presentation was devoted to new watches, notably the Apple Watch Series 9, the group’s “first carbon neutral product”, according to Lisa Jackson, vice president of environment at of the society.

Starting at $400 later this month, it performs tasks faster than previous models and allows the user to answer calls or play music simply by tapping their index finger against their thumb twice right now. “It’s going to become one of those magical everyday experiences,” promised Jeff Williams, the Cupertino company’s director of operations.