UniCredit, institutional investors file list for renewal of the Board of Directors

UniCredit institutional investors file list for renewal of the Board

(Finance) – Gli institutional investors they have filed a minority list of only independent candidates for the renewal of the board of directors of UniCredit expected in the next ordinary shareholders’ meeting. The managers who presented the lists hold more than 1.3% of the company’s ordinary shares.
The list presented for board of directors is composed of: Vincenzo Cariello and Francesca Tondi.

The list presented for the board of directors and for the management control committee is composed of: Marco Giuseppe Maria Rigotti and Monica Petrella.

This was communicated by the coordinator of the Management CommitteeEmilio Franco, on behalf of: Amundi Asset Management SGR, Anima SGR, APG Asset Management, Arca Fondi SGR, BancoPosta Fondi SGR, BNP Paribas Asset Management, Epsilon SGR, Eurizon Capital SA, Eurizon Capital SGR, Fidelity Funds, Fideuram Asset Management (Ireland), Fideuram Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking Asset Management SGR, Interfund Sicav, Fineco Asset Management, BCC/CRA Pension Fund, Generali Asset Management SGR, Kairos Partners SGR, Legal&General Assurance (Pensions Management) Limited, Mediobanca SICAV, Mediobanca SGR, Mediolanum Management of SGR and Mediolanum International Funds Limited funds.