Unfortunately, today is the last day to shop with “Turkish Lira” on Steam.

Unfortunately today is the last day to shop with Turkish

Popular game market SteamUnfortunately, as of November 20, it is switching to pricing in USD instead of “Turkish Lira”.

If you missed it, Steam will be available starting November 20th (update may be available after 12pm tonight). It will change the currency used for sales in Argentina and Turkey to USD. In this regard, the company “We will make this change using two new pricing zones: “LATAM-USD” (This zone includes Argentina) and “MENA-USD” (This zone includes Turkey). We recommend lower USD pricing in these new regions and we’ve updated the recommendations in our pricing tools to reflect this. List all countries/territories included in these new pricing zones Here you can find. Regional USD pricing will be used for the first time in 25 countries/regions in Latin America and the Middle East and North Africa.” says. For MENA-USD pricing, which includes Turkey, the company “We recommend low USD pricing in these new regions.” but there is this very important warning here: “If you do not add pricing in USD to these columns for your game before November 20th, We will default to your standard USD pricing on Steamworks.”


This is the part that looks bad for players in Turkeybecause most companies It is not expected to set a lower “MENA-USD” price specifically for Turkey. At this stage, the games of developers who choose the recommended exchange rate specifically for “MENA-USD” for their games will be significantly lower than the current exchange rate, and a serious advantage can be gained in some games. Unfortunately, some games, especially some independent productions, that are converted directly from the current exchange rate, that is, USD, will start to be sold at a much higher price than before on November 20.