Unexpected resolution in the fractious semi in the Cooks’ battle

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When the presenter Pär Lernström announces the three semi-finalists Albin Edberg, Louise Johansson and Adam Dahlberg that everyone will get to cook sauce in the sauce duel, they are surprised. There are usually only two who are in a sauce duel in the Chefs’ Battle.

Both Albin and Louise have competed in a sauce duel before during the course of the program, while Adam got away. He can excel with as many as eight medals on his chest, while the others only have two each. Since Adam won the other two competitions in this penultimate episode, he has been given extra time in the sauce duel. He has 30 minutes to make a béarnaise, Albin has 20 minutes and Louise has ten minutes.

“Hasn’t happened in eleven seasons”
To judge the sauces, all the old contestants have been called in, but when they cast their votes, something happens that surprises everyone!

“We’ve done this program for eleven seasons and I don’t know if I’ve been part of anything like it,” says Pär Lernström afterwards.

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