Unexpected criticism of the new TV series about Börje Salming after the acclaimed premiere episode: “He wasn’t so…”

The new TV series about Börje Salming has premiered.
And already praised by many Swedes at home on their sofas.
But now comes unexpected criticism of Viaplay’s “Börje – The Journey of a Legend”.

Long-awaited TV series about the deceased Börje Salming has now premiered on Viaplay. Expectations have been high and many Swedes have been looking forward to seeing the result of the popular series with so many famous actors.

The series about Börje

This weekend had “Börje – The Journey of a Legend premiere and there have already been two episodes. Walter Skarsgård plays the lead role as Börje Salming and also big names such as Hedda Stiernstedt and Jason Priestley Is with.

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2022-09-06 Hedda and Valter in Viaplay’s series about Börje Salmin. Photo: Viaplay/Jenny Unnegård / TT/ Handout / code 10500 **MANDATORY BYLINE: / ** **Only for editorial use. The image comes from an external source and is distributed in its original form as a service to our subscribers**

The TV series is about Börje’s life both on and off the ice – from growing up in Kiruna to hockey mecca Toronto in Canada. So far, the Börje series has been praised by most people, but now comes an unexpected and clear criticism.

Friend’s criticism

It is Salming’s old friend and teammate Ride Uusitalowhose surname is now Björkenhäll, who has seen the first episodes and found errors in the story.
– Yes, I thought it was good. But this fight outside… Nah, I didn’t like that, says Åke to P4 Kronoberg.
– I have not experienced that and I have never heard anyone talk about it. Outside the ice, that is. On the ice it happened often.

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190218 Börje Salming poses for a portrait on February 18, 2019 in Stockholm. Photo: Johanna Lundberg / BILDBYRÅN / 135950

During the first episodes, we get to see how Börje Salming often gets into fights, mainly on the ice but also at the workplace and outside a sausage stand. That is not true, according to the former teammate.
– But he was never a fighter, he was rather the one who just walked away. He didn’t want to make a fuss outside. But on the pitch he was like a wild animal, says Uusitalo to the radio channel.
– I remember when he joined the A team, then he threw himself into training and covered shots. He got pucks on his knuckles and those who have played know how much it hurts.

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Åke Uusitalo also remembers what he used to say to a young Börje in Kiruna AIF.
– I used to say to him: “You don’t need the hell to throw yourself into training”. Then he replied: “If you don’t do it in training, you don’t do it in matches either,” he says with a laugh in the interview.

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