Underrated sci-fi epic with 28 extra minutes that were completely missing in the cinema

Underrated sci fi epic with 28 extra minutes that were completely

Later this year, James Cameron returns to the big screen with Avatar 2: The Way of Water. For over a decade we await the sequel to his latest sci-fi film. If we look around his filmography, we can find many other exciting contributions from the genre.

Cameron created the Terminator franchise and directed one of the best sequels ever, Aliens. However, since these films are not lacking in attention, we want to turn your attention to the lesser-known Abyss, which is set to premiere tonight in a extended version is running on TV.

  • Today on TV: Abyss – Abyss of Death is broadcast tonight at 8:15 p.m. on Tele 5. It will be repeated on Tuesday night at 1:05 a.m. Streaming alternatives are not currently available.
  • Highly recommended sci-fi: Abyss by James Cameron

    The action of Abyss – Abyss of Death takes place to a large extent under the surface of the water. It all begins with a mysterious event: the American nuclear submarine USS Montana collides with an unknown object and sinks to the bottom of the sea. A special team is to rush to the rescue before the enemy arrives.

    You can watch the trailer for Abyss here:

    The Abyss – Trailer

    Engineer Linsdey Brigman (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) is part of the special team led by Lieutenant Hiram Coffey (Michael Biehn). As soon as this gets to the submarine base of operations for the mission, however, tensions arise, not to mention the Presence of a luminous being.

    Sci-Fi epic: There are two film versions of AbyssAbyss impresses with its spooky underwater world. Cameron spared no expense or effort in filming large parts of the story in giant tanks of water. The entire film feels like a dive where you eventually lose yourself in the infinite depths of the sea.

    How long this dive lasts depends on the version of the film you are watching. Exist from Abyss two different versions. The film was shown in cinemas with a length of 140 minutes. The special edition released later, which is also coming to Tele 5 tonight, is 28 minutes longer.

    The biggest difference is the addition of an elaborate Sequence with a tidal wave. When Abyss came to the cinema in 1989, this was missing because the effects studio ILM was not able to implement the wave according to Cameron’s ideas. That was made possible by the groundbreaking CGI effects of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

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    Which version of Abyss do you like better?