Ulf Kristersson is given a probe mission after the first speaker round

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Riksdag Speaker Andreas Norlén gives M leader Ulf Kristersson the task of investigating the possibilities of forming a government. A fairly simple decision according to Norlén, who does not set a deadline for the assignment but leaves the decision on it to whoever is elected as the new chairman in a week’s time. Norlén has not specified in the probe assignment which parties will form the government, or which will support the government.

Ulf Kristersson informed Andreas Norlén earlier on Monday that the government negotiations are going well and are extensive. According to Kristersson, the negotiations cover everything from the political content to ministerial posts and positions in the Riksdag.

– My message to the speaker is that everything is going well, but that nothing is ready until everything is ready, said Kristersson at a press conference after the meeting.

Ulf Kristersson does not say whether he aims for a government with M, KD and L or only with M and KD. In the election campaign, Kristersson’s message has been that he wants to form a government with, above all, M and KD, but he has at the same time kept the door open for L.

– Nothing has changed in my stance since the election campaign, Kristersson said at the press conference.

By Sunday at the latest, he will announce how M will act when the Riksdag gathers on September 26, for example about the post of Speaker and what the committees will look like.

Meetings with everyone except Andersson (S)

During the first speaker’s round, Andreas Norlén spoke privately with all party leaders except Magdalena Andersson (S), to come up with proposals for a new prime minister. When asked about a place in government, Jimmie Åkesson (SD) replied that he is sticking to the same attitude he has had all year.

– My starting point is still that Sweden would feel very good about a majority government, he says about why SD should be in government.

Johan Pehrson (L) said at a press conference after his meeting with the speaker that L still does not want SD to be part of a government.

Ebba Busch (KD) answered the question about how she views the SD’s demand to sit in government that she sees it as “reasonable from the SD’s perspective”.

V leader Nooshi Dadgostar said that V will vote no to Kristersson as prime minister and do everything to mobilize for a strong opposition, but Dadgostar was tight-lipped about what was said at the meeting with Andreas Norlén.

– What happens in the speaker’s room stays in the speaker’s room, she says.