Ulf Kristersson first out – “Nothing clear”

Ulf Kristersson first out Nothing clear

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M leader Ulf Kristersson was the first to meet chairman Andreas Norlén.

After the meeting, he held a press conference:

– Nothing is ready until everything is ready, says Kristersson.

Just before the meeting at 10.30, Ulf Kristersson met the press on his way to the Riksdag. He then did not want to give any time frame for the formation of the government. But stated that negotiations are ongoing and have been ongoing.

– We are negotiating in good spirit, says the M leader to Aftonbladet’s Ebba Thornéus.

He was also asked where he had been in the past week.

– I understand that you all missed me, I appreciate that you missed me. I’ve had some work to do, he says.

– I haven’t had covid as someone suggested, and haven’t been on a trip abroad.

He then went into the meeting with Andreas Norlén. Which offered home-grown tomatoes, according to TT.

full screenChairman Andreas Norlén offered coffee with chocolate and tomatoes. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT
full screen Ulf Kristersson (M) held a press conference after the meeting with the Speaker. Photo: Lotte Fernvall

After the meeting, Kristersson held a press conference.

– I was going to say a few words about three different things: First of all: We were four parties that went to the election on the basis that change is not only necessary but possible, he says.

– We sought a mandate to make changes. We got that mandate. We have a majority to make changes where our four parties agree on the direction of travel.

Ulf Kristersson says that he has informed the speaker about the negotiations but that “nothing is clear until everything is clear”.

– The negotiations are going well, they are extensive. They cover everything, of course the political content for a new government, all the parliamentary forms of cooperation, the composition of the government and all positions in the Riksdag, which are part of our collective negotiations, says Ulf Kristersson.

However, the M leader says that it will not take as long as it did four years ago.

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