Ulf Kristersson about the criticism after the promise about healthcare in TV4

The government must ensure that people in healthcare do not need to be made redundant.
Ulf Kristersson’s (M) statement in TV4’s party leader interview has drawn strong criticism and the opposition demands an answer as to how within 48 hours.
– I’m glad that there are now more people than me who see this problem, he says in Efter fem.

In Saturday’s party leader’s interview on TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon, Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (M) promised to remedy the layoffs in healthcare.

– It is the government and the partner parties that will present the budget that will also ensure that we do not lay off people in the Swedish healthcare system, he said then.

The outcome has raised questions and several demands are now being made on the government. The medical association calls it “empty promises”. Both they and the opposition demand an answer from the government within 48 hours.

– The government will do what we can to ensure that the state takes responsibility in a tough time, says Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson.

No word on when

According to the prime minister, the recent layoffs of health care workers are largely due to the high inflation that drove up pension costs – which created deficits that in turn contributed to the cuts in health care.

– The government feels a great responsibility there. Then there is always an interaction between the regions, which manage their own finances and make their own decisions. But the state is also needed, so there will be extra contributions to the regions.

Despite the demands, Kristersson cannot give any information about the extent of the support or exactly when it will be presented.

– Exactly how big that sum is, we are discussing that and we have to come back to it in aggregated forms. But the regions should know that we do not intend to leave them and we have seen that things have gotten worse since we presented the budget last autumn.

“The problem must be solved”

Ulf Kristersson adds that this is something he has pointed out on repeated occasions. Then without having received any response from the opposition.

– No one else pointed anything out before and it is good if we now seem to be pretty much in agreement in Sweden that this problem must be solved, he says.

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