Ukrainian drone attack hits industrial site in Tatarstan

Ukrainian drone attack hits industrial site in Tatarstan

Ukraine regularly carries out drone attacks or sabotage against factories, railways or refineries on Russian territory. On the other hand, it rarely claims to target infrastructure so far from the border. The drone attack targeted Tatarstan, and left thirteen people injured, according to the authorities of this Russian republic located more than 1,000 kilometers from Ukraine.

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With our correspondent in Moscow, Anissa El Jabri

As always, the official communication Russian has one objective: to show that these attacks Ukrainian are without major consequences. Not a word has filtered out about the location of the targets this April 2 and yet, this is a first since Vladimir Poutine sent its soldiers to Ukraine. These are two neighboring towns of 20 kilometers – Yelabuga and Nizhnekamsk – and above all, targeted at 1,500 kilometers from the Ukrainian borders.

Never before has Russian territory been hit so deeply. The Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitri Peskov, simply assured at midday that “ the Russian army strives to minimize and then completely eliminate the threat » Ukrainian strikes in Russia.

It is up to the regional authorities to announce and manage difficulties, such as the number of injured: thirteen, including eight hospitalized, according to local authorities. Part of the Russian press notes the importance of the targeted sites. One of them would be an oil refinery, a target that has now become classic. But the other is cautiously described as “ a special economic zone “.

Only the newspaper Kommersant underlines: this area of ​​Yelabuga has been sanctioned by the European Union since December 2023. Among these companies are, again according to the newspaper, a company producing Geran-2 drones, the local version of Iranian kamikaze drones, widely used by the Russian army in Ukraine.

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