Ukraine, Visco: ECB will do everything necessary to ensure liquidity fluidity

Ukraine Visco ECB will do everything necessary to ensure liquidity

(Finance) – “In the hope that common sense will prevail” in the conflict that arose from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, last Friday, at an extraordinary meeting, the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) decided “unanimously” to do everything necessary to ensure fluidity on liquidity and “full access for citizens to means of payment”. This was stated by the governor of the Bank of Italy, Ignazio Viscoin his speech at the webinar “Conversation on limited rationality” organized by the Herbert Simon Society and the Collegio Carlo Alberto Foundation.

“Obviously as the ECB, of which the Bank of Italy is fully part, we stated on Friday that we are not only closely following and evaluating the economic prospects, which will form the basis for the Governing Council meeting on 10 March, to decide on the monetary policy, but we unanimously reaffirmed – underlined Visco – that we will ensure fluid liquidity conditions and full access for citizens to means of payment “. “It’s a an attempt to stabilize expectations, but also to ensure financial and price stabilityavoiding that inflation expectations do not remain anchored “to the ECB’s medium-term objective of” 2% symmetrical “over the medium term, he added.

At the beginning of his speech, Visco addressed words of closeness to the Ukrainian people. “My first thought can only go to what is happening now, to those who suffer, to the Ukrainian people – began the number one of the Bank of Italy – so I absolutely must express a closeness, albeit virtual and distant, but in the soul, in the hope of a slightly less uncertain future “. “And we hope for a less uncertain future – he highlighted – so that a rationality prevails a little wider than that, extremely limited, or even the irrationality we are experiencing “.