Ukraine protects us from the world that the new Stalin wants to impose on us, by Denis Jeambar – L’Express

Ukraine protects us from the world that the new Stalin

Like a new beginning. In 1936, standing against the war in Spain, Georges Bernanos sounded the tocsin in The great Cemeteries under the Moon: “In my youth, the prelates or the liberal academicians responded: “Democracy is sinking to the brim. It is now that it is sinking. And you are sinking with it.”” He added, prophetically: “Europe is going to die, whatever. simpler?” A quarter of a century ago, surfing on the Soviet collapse, Francis Fukuyama, heir to these liberal prelates and academicians, in turn celebrated a victory for democracy that he imagined was definitive and announced the end of History. No one then wanted to listen to his main opponent, Samuel Huttington, who must be reread today because his analyzes were so lucid. Did it not announce a powerful return of traditional identities, the appearance of new ideologies, the birth of schisms in the democratic world, the emergence of large-scale cultural conflicts and a clash of civilizations?

Do we have to be so blind to deny that we are here! Thirty-five years after hearing the marvelous sound of Mstislav Rostropovitch’s cello rise like a promise of happiness in front of the Berlin Wall finally torn apart, the promised paradise is fading away. Each day that passes brings us its share of disillusionment and highlights the bankruptcy of Western leaders for more than three decades. What mistakes! What cowardice! Having become the lackeys of their public opinions, our great Lords saw nothing coming. And if, without telling us, they saw everything coming, the greater their faults because they did nothing to prevent the worst from happening, this bloody Russian offensive in Ukraine for two years, this massacre beyond the horror on October 7, 2023 in Israel, this rise like an inexorable tide of the extreme right across all of Europe, these democracies which become democrats and sit on the rule of law, these post-communist dictatorships who straighten the nuclear warheads of their intercontinental rockets, these Islamo-fascists who deny borders and make the world their territory of conquest.

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So much palaver and vain meetings, Brussels summits, G7, G20, so much time wasted to create a European army and rearm ourselves while the allied enemies of democracy constantly harass it and the world cards are reshuffled day after day ! So many reactions from Munich among our European partners and in the French political class after the simple mention by Emmanuel Macron, sobered of his long naivety, of sending ground troops to Ukraine!

Two years of lawless massacres are therefore not enough to understand that Vladimir Putin is only a satrap playing on our weaknesses and only aiming to destroy European power to the west of the empire he is working to reconstruct. Two years which made Ukraine “a blood-curdled land” on which a people supported with a trembling arm by its allies agreed to die to escape enslavement and to protect us, yes to protect us, from the world that the new Stalin wants to impose on us. Although transformed into panicked rabbits at the idea of ​​a return of the frightening Donald Trump to the White House which would leave Europe disarmed in the face of Moscow, our EU-stamped Lordships remain in cool gloves. Is it madness to proclaim today that everything must be done to prevent Russia from winning in Ukraine? There are never good wars but when the forces of Evil strike at your borders, is it not necessary to remember the adage of Vegetius: “Si vis pacem, para bellum“. Have our democratic leaders become so fatalistic that they no longer believe in the moral resources of the people they govern! What have you had in mind all these years? Have you not understood that only one The outcome is possible in this conflict unless we lose ourselves: a defeat for the Putinian Kremlin! Your face is airtight and your puppet diplomacy in the face of Muscovite Savonarola.

Wake up !

What blindness we still face in the face of this Islamism which has been working for decades to undermine the foundations of our Western societies. A war of civilization. Real, incontestable, proven, admitted in all Islamist texts. Not simply a hunt for Jews between the Jordan and the Mediterranean but a crusade to also subjugate Christians, Westerners and all those who will not accept the dictates of Sharia law, its refusal of borders, its denial of women’s rights, its obstruction of freedoms, its violence, its rejection of secularism, its submission of the temporal to the spiritual, its limitless desire for domination and crushing and I don’t know what else…

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Finally wake up, read Putin’s speeches, the Koran, the Hamas charter, in short all the writings of the enemies of democracy! Everything has been announced there for a long time. Everything was predictable. With trembling arms and limp legs, you believed that your good words and your wooden swords would stop the enemies of human rights. You didn’t anticipate anything. And when you dared to act, in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, having no other project than force, you left leaving chaos behind you and the seeds of new conflicts even more dangerous for democracies. We do not launch into war without imagining what outcome we will give it. Everywhere, you have been incapable of doing so. Winning on the battlefield at the cost of tens of thousands of lives is not enough. We must know how to fight but also win peace, as the Old Continent achieved after 1945. It is this dual objective that Europe must pursue in the face of Putin. It is also the one that Israel must set itself so that the necessary battle of Gaza does not turn into a sham victory or a simple massacre. Where are the visionaries and strategists in today’s Western concert? You will only be gravediggers if you remain managers of the moment, addicted to popularity polls, obsessed with power for power’s sake.

Do not expect the murderers of democracy to simply succumb to the weight of their crimes. Certainly, it is the end that often awaits them but so much damage and misfortune is predictable before it comes. Tell us as quickly and clearly as possible how to save the skin of democracy in Europe. It’s urgent. Stop believing that utilitarian pacifism is a proof of wisdom when a dictator and totalitarian monsters spit in your face every morning.