Ukraine, Pentagon warns: risk of global conflict if China arms Moscow

Ukraine Pentagon warns risk of global conflict if China arms

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – If China arms Moscow, there is a risk of global conflict. “The United States does not yet have evidence that China has supplied Russia with weapons, but if it did, and the United States is monitoring very closely, this “would prolong the conflict and certainly escalate the war potentially not only in the region but globally.” “. Said the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin.

Meanwhile, a new threat comes from former president Dmitry Medvedev who in an interview with the Russian media says that Russian forces in Ukraine could go as far in Kiev and also Lviv, if Moscow deems it necessary. “Here – said Medvedev, quoted by the RIA Novosti agency – nothing can be excluded. If you need to go to Kiev, or to Lviv, then you need to go to Kiev or Lviv to get rid of this infection”.

Meanwhile, during the EU Council, the president Zelensky he asked EU leaders to organize “a summit in a European capital” to discuss his ten-point peace plan. For their part, i 27 Union leadersand they gave theirs endorsements politician to the ammunition plan developed by the External Action Service to urgently help Ukraine resist the Russian invasion.

Zelensky boarded the presidential train returning from a visit to the front, and has “warmly thanked” but also listed some “factors” chand risk prolonging the conflictamong which he cited the delays in the delivery of long-range missiles, fighter planes, the slowness in adopting a new package of sanctions and the lack of progress both in the peace plan formulated by Kiev and in the accession path to the ‘EU.